Yacht Rallies and Races to Vanuatu

yacht rallys vanuatu

Several yacht rallies plan on visiting Vanuatu in 2017. If you are planning your cruise to Vanuatu, you might wish to visit the Rally websites. Joining other yachts for your blue water passage increases safety on blue water passages and offers a chance to meet like minded people who might become life-long friends and make your cruise just that much more fun.

Rally organisers also help with the often complicated process of yacht clearance in and out of the countries as well as planning special events and activities with people like us at Yachting World who really look forward to making your welcome as much fun as possible.

The World ARC Rally July 2017

The 2017 World ARC Rally will arrive in Port Vila in July. We look forward to greeting each participant in the rally and to offer every yacht and every crew member our hospitality and fun parties and activities. The captains and crews will have a terrific stay in Vanuatu.

The World Oyster Pacific Rally 2017

We are especially happy to hear the World Oyster Rally will be returning to Vanuatu in September. These are serious but happy blue water sailors on a round-the-world odyssey. It is so exciting to be included in their global cruising plans.

Island Cruising Association Pacific Rally 2017

The ICA's Pacific Circuit Rally will visit Port Vila again in 2017. Visit the ICA website for full details of the rally. Festivities start at the Waterfront Bar and Grill, Vila on Friday 18th August and the Rally will Depart Vila Saturday 9th September.
Expect to have lots of fun for both the arrival and departure festivities.

We welcome every yacht participating in the Island Cruising Association rally and do our utmost to assure they enjoy their stay in Port Vila.

The Down Under Rally 2017

The GoEast Down Under Rally offers yachts headed out into the Pacific information, support & benefits to make their cruising adventures safer, easier and more fun. The 2017 Down Under "Go East" rally will depart from The Boat Works at Coomera on the Gold Coast in Queensland on May 11th 2017 (subject to weather conditions). The first part of the cruise will be in New Caledonia then yachts will be encouraged to make the 48hr passage to cruise Vanuatu before joining the "Go West" sail back to Bundaberg, Australia. For more invormation visit www.downunderrally.com

Noumea Port Vila Yacht Rally

Cercle Nautique Calédonien has organised a Rally between Noumea and Vanuatu. The next race is scheduled to depart Noumea on 23 September 2017 for Port Vila and return to Noumea from Vanuatu on October 19th.

To join the Rally and for more information visit the Cercle Nautique Caledonien website.