Yachting World Swing Moorings Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Yachting World Marina Port Vila Vanuatu

Visiting yachts to Port Vila will appreciate our moorings. One thing we realized when we first began our cruising yacht hosting business back in 1981 was that you will need swing moorings to tie up to when you arrive. This is because Port Vila is deep and the few places where it is shallow enough to anchor easily is filled with local boats. So visiting yachts would have to anchor in depths of 30 to 40 metres or tie up to the sea wall.

What's more, the bottom of the protected inner harbour has a black mud bottom that strips galvanizing off of chain in record time. And there are old wrecks that clutter the deep water and can snag an anchor.

Our goal was for you to enjoy your stay here in Port Vila without needing to fight over limited shallow water anchoring or put out 90 meters of chain. So we set up an extensive network of solid and well engineered and looked after moorings. Now all you need to do is breeze in, pick up a mooring, and relax without worry.

They are serviceable for boats up to 20m and include free water from the Yachting World fuel wharf whenever you need to fill your tanks.

Please note that the Harbour Master regulations prohibits boats rafting up on moorings and prohibits your throwing any trash or garbage in the water. You may not pump oily bilge water into the harbour either. You can put your trash and garbage in our garbage bins located behind the Waterfront Bar and Grill.

There are environmental reasons for these regulations and also, as you will see, people are forever swimming around in the harbour and there is a lovely and popular tourist beach just downwind from the moorings. So please obey the regulations and keep everyone happy.

Yachts with masts exceeding 23m in height need to enter the inner harbour via the southern dredged channel. Click here for details.