Yachting World Sea Wall Marina
in Port Vila Vanuatu

Yachting World Marina Port Vila Vanuatu

The Yachting World Sea Wall Marina is on the seaward side of the overhead wire so yachts with tall masts don't need to worry about passing under the wires. We can only have yachts less than 70 feet (21m) long in the marina.

The marina has all required facilities including pressure water, electrical outlets, garbage disposal, showers, toilets, WiFi internet, and we even provide a plank for you to walk ashore from your yacht.

Your yacht will be tied up right next to the Waterfront Bar and Grill and in addition to great food, and special yachtie prices on drinks, you will find showers, toilets, and trash disposal facilities. The Cruisers Corner, located at the Waterfront Bar and Grill is THE meeting place for captains and crews of yachts in Port Vila.

You can use our high speed WiFi from your yacht to access the Internet.

The Marina is also right next to the Waterfront Quays apartment complex where your friends and family can stay ashore while visiting you. The two ground floor apartments right next to the marina is very popular with guests of the marina.

Our marina berths are limited. If you wish to reserve a spot on the marine please fill out the Yachting World Agreement and email it to us. We will respond as soon as possible to let you know if we have a berth available on the dates you choose. We also have a large number of swing moorings and there is almost always one available in the event you need to wait a day or so for a free marina berth. For more information and prices on the swing moorings click here.

If you wish to tie up to the seawall marina you must do it with the assistance of the Yachting World staff who are available during our trading hours. Should you wish to dock outside these times, please pick up a Yachting World yellow swing mooring until our staff is available to assist you.

If you are travelling with a dog, it must be kept aboard or on a lead at all times and all waste must be picked up. Dogs are not allowed into the restaurant so please do not bring them ashore when visiting Waterfront Bar & Grill.

Stay Ashore

Visiting family and friends (or owners who wish to have a shore break) can stay at the fully furnished and serviced Waterfront Quays Apartments right next to the sea wall marina overlooking the yachts. The two ground floor apartments overlook the marina and are very popular with guests of the yachts in the marina.