Yacht Rallies and Races to Vanuatu

yacht rallys vanuatu

Several yacht rallies are headed to Vanuatu in 2020. Joining other yachts for your blue water passage increases safety on blue water passages and offers a chance to meet like minded people who might become life-long friends and make your cruise just that much more fun.

Rally organisers also help with the often complicated process of yacht clearance in and out of the countries as well as planning special events and activities with people like us at Yachting World who really look forward to making your welcome as much fun as possible.

The World ARC Rally July 2020

The 2020 World ARC Rally plans to arrive in Port Vila in July. We look forward to having a great time at the welcome party and the many activities organised for participants here in Efate.

The Down Under Rally 2020

The GoEast 2020 Down Under Rally organized a special NC2V rally from New Caledonia to Vanuatu. The yachts will arrive at Aneityum in August and enjoy some wonderful cultural experiences there and at Tanna and Erromango before arriving here in Port Vila. Down Under Rally also organizes a Go West rally for yachts heading from Vanuatu to New Caledonia and on to Australia. For more information visit www.downunderrally.com

The Island Crusing NZ Rally 2020

The New Zealand based Island Cruising NZ Rally is planning two yacht rallies to Vanuatu in 2020.

The Pacific Circuit Rally will depart in mid to late May 2020 and visit Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, Loyalty Islands and New Caledonia before returning to New Zealand in October.

The Vanuatu New Caledonia rally will spend 2.5 months in Vanuatu allowing time to sail through and enjoy all the islands north of Efate during June and July 2020. The rally will depart Port Vila mid August and clear into the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia. This is an outstandingly beautiful area that the Rally will fly in officials for to Lifou allowing immediate access to these cruising grounds. Time can then be spent exploring this chain of islands before heading off to New Caledonia for the rest of the cruising season. The fleet will then return to New Zealand, along with the Pacific Circuit Rally fleet in mid to late October, weather permitting.