Vanuatu Entry Formalities and
Ports of Entry for Vanuatu

All Vanuatu Ports of Entry are closed to all vessels except cargo vessels until further notice due to the pandemic. We will - you can be sure - be notifying our cruising friends as soon as the ports re-open.

Customs Yacht Clearance Regulations IMPORTANT (Really):

All captains are strongly advised to visit the official Customs Yacht Clearance information site for the latest clearance and restriction regulations and downloadable arrival forms at least 10 days before you plan to arrive.

Click on the following link to go to the official Customs site:

There are new regulations and conditions for yacht entry into Vanuatu and yachts ARE being fined for not following the regulations.

Customs is working hard to make cruising easier here in Vanuatu while, at the same time, preventing any attempted illegal activities. So if you follow the regulations (and they are easy enough) you will have a very pleasant experience. If you don't ---- look out, you will be subject to up to a fine of 5 million Vatu and up to two years imprisonment for each violation.

Here is a brief summary of the new regulations - visit the official site for the latest updates.

  • You must notify Customs at least 24hrs prior to arrival of the expected ETA and port of entry. You can do this by email before you leave your last port.
  • Port Vila is the primary port of entry into Vanuatu, but you can also clear in at Lenakel on Tanna, Luganville in Santo and Sola on Vanua Lava.
  • If you wish to stop at any port other than these 4 designated anchorages you can request permission from the Director of Customs by email at least 48 hours (on working days) before departure.
  • You must fly the quarantine flag when within 200 nautical miles of any Vanuatu Island until your clearance is completed.
  • You can download the entry documents from the Official Customs website, fill them in and email them with your notice of arrival - this is especially important if you plan on asking permission to stop at Anatom or Port Resolution.
Yachting World suggests that anyone visiting Vanuatu should obtain a copy of the Nautical Rocket Guide to Vanuatu. This Cruising Guide to Vanuatu has detailed information and charts for each entry port (and over a hundred other anchorages).